Project-Based Learning: Breaking Bread

By Jill Nilsen, Impact | Puget Sound Elementary Lead Teacher

Impact’s Project-Based Learning model allows our scholars to experience their learning in a more tangible, tactile way. During class, scholars are given hands-on experiences that allow their imaginations to flourish and their love of learning to grow!

Right now, our Kindergarten scholars are learning about bread from around the world! We are exploring questions such as, “How is bread made?” “Where do we get bread?” “What are the different types of bread?” “ How is bread similar and different in various places around the world?” and “Why is bread important?”

Scholars are getting a deep understanding of how food brings people together, and how bread in particular is a unifying staple in people’s homes and diets. Whether it’s tortillas, enjera, bagels, challah, or basic sandwich bread, scholars have shared their excitement and their traditions when we discuss the bread that they most often eat at home. 

Projects include recipe-writing, in-school bread-making, a field trip to a cooking school, and a virtual field trip to local store, Franz Bakery

Our field trip to Young Chef’s Academy, a children’s cooking school, was incredibly enlightening. We were warmly welcomed by the instructors, and the scholars were thrilled to put on their aprons and get started.

As a team, we made cinnamon pretzels with a powdered sugar glaze. The instructors taught scholars how to measure ingredients, how to crack and whisk eggs, and how to knead dough. Scholars assisted with each step as we assembled the bread. They were thrilled to try their creations and even more excited to bring the recipes home to share with their families. 

Our Bread unit culminates in scholars writing a “How to Bake Break” book! We’re excited to share this achievement with our families and community.