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We are deeply committed to advancing equity at Impact Public Schools, working hand-in-hand with the Impact community to create positive change. With your support, we can continue to guide our scholars to be the change-makers the world needs. Make a gift today and join in our mission of inspiring the next generation of equity-driven, innovative leaders.

Your Gift Supports...

    • The launch of new Impact schools serving diverse communities throughout Washington.
    • Sustainable growth of each of our existing schools as we add grade levels each year.
    • Continuous refinement of our curriculum centered on equity, activism, and affirmation.
    • The development of our teacher preparation pipeline for the next generation of diverse, WA state educators, including the provision of high-quality professional development and post-secondary program opportunities.
    • Deep community engagement work that prioritizes families as partners and co-leaders of their child's education.
    • The dissemination of best practices in elementary education through partnerships with local and national districts, charters and community organizations, to meaningfully narrow the opportunity gap across the country.
Hugging Students - SQ - 2

2020/2021 Annual Report

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