Impact’s Transitional Kindergarten Program: A Parent’s Perspective

Impact’s Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program is an exciting program that allows young scholars to develop a strong foundation to their elementary education. Walk into any of our TK classrooms and you’ll find joy, laughter, and earnest and inspiring growth. Recently, we interviewed an Impact family whose scholar attended TK last year. Read on to hear more about Ibrahim’s exciting growth and his mom’s special relationship with the teacher and the school. 

Impact Public Schools: What was Ibrahim’s favorite thing about being in Transitional Kindergarten last year?

Nurya Hajo: Ibrahim made so many friends in TK! He was excited to see them every day. And they were friends outside of school as well. They had many play dates! Ibrahim also loved the many different types of toys and activities available in the classroom. Most importantly, Ibrahim loved reading books. Before he was in TK, Ibrahim didn’t enjoy reading and now we read books together at home and it’s so nice.

IPS: What are the things you noticed that Ibrahim learned last year?

NH: Ibrahim learned communication. I cannot stress how important this is. Before TK, he had delayed speech. He just wasn’t speaking a lot. But after TK, he’s a chatterbox! I’m so proud of Ibrahim and happy for him to have such a great experience in TK that his communication skills have improved so much.

IPS: How was your relationship with your teacher, Ms. DeLeon?

NH: Ms. D was there for us. She was 100% there for us every day. She is so kind and caring. She gave us progress reports every day and we worked with her on some of Ibrahim’s areas that needed improvement. We all grew together. 

IPS: What do you love most about Impact overall?

NH: I love everything! The fact that you’re very transparent. We know 100% of what’s going on in school. The teachers are always happy and smiling! We feel so involved with the school and Ibrahim’s experience.

We know that Nurya’s experience is similar to that of so many of our families. Our TK students learn a number of skills and make so much growth in communication and foundational literacy. We believe that excellent early learning opportunities are critical for a child’s success and we are proud of the scholars, families, and teachers who make our TK program so special.

Ms. DeLeon’s class for the 2022/23 school year