Reading A-Z At Impact And At Home

By Jill Nilsen

Our Impact scholars love to read! When our eager learners crack open the covers of a book and delve into the pages, entire worlds are opened up to them. From Tutankhamun’s temple, to the mountains of Mars, readers get to explore new vistas while their imaginations are activated and engaged. It’s no wonder that Impact scholars ranked in the top 3% for English Language Arts among similar schools in WA state. Reading and literacy is a critical part of our inclusive Impact curriculum!  

At Impact, we use Reading A-Z, an online library with downloadable books. Impact families can access this library for free at home via Impact’s account. Reading A-Z is a great resource that many Impact teachers use for their own guided reading small groups at school. It is sorted by levels and also has books that work on skills, such as sight word recognition, decodable words, and fluency.

Reading A-Z is a wonderful resource for Impact families. Families! Ask your scholar’s teacher what your scholar’s instructional reading level is and follow the instructions below to find books at your scholar’s just-right level. From there, you can either print books at home or click on “projectable” to view the book on a computer screen or a table.

Step 1 – Go to Reading A to Z

Step 2 – Click “Member Login” (Impact families, check with your teacher for login information!)

Step 3 – Click “Resources”

Step 4 – Click “Leveled Text”

Step 5 – Pick your scholar’s reading level and start reading!