Impact’s Village Action Committees: A Family Interview

At Impact, we believe in working hand in hand with our community; most especially our families. Impact families care deeply about their scholars’ progress, what their days at school are like, and how they are getting along with their friends and teachers. And we love to collaborate with and work alongside our families.! That is why at Impact, Village Action Committees (VAC) were formed – school advisory councils that are run by family volunteers in partnership with school leaders. 

In VAC meetings, families review grade-level goals, discuss upcoming events, and volunteer for school-related activities. Their insight and input has been absolutely invaluable. Not to mention their passion! Recently, the VAC at Impact | Puget Sound Elementary hosted a first ever Movie Night. Over 70 families and scholars turned up to watch movies, munch on popcorn and pizza, and share in the joy of gathering together.

We recently spoke with I|PSE VAC member, Kashmir Owens, proud parent of two Impact scholars.

Impact: What made you interested in joining PSE’s Village Action Committee?

Kashmir Owens: I was interested in joining PSE’s Village Action Committee because I believe in the power of folks coming together (as a village does) to make our communities better. It makes sense to me to be present, advocate, and help support the very place and people that pour so much into our children every day.

Impact: What is your favorite aspect of the VAC?

KO: Planning for school events is one of my favorite aspects of being a part of the VAC. I really love our brainstorming sessions where we deliberate on what things we can do to enrich the lives of the kids, faculty, and staff.  Consequently, and more notably, I have witnessed a positive effect my engagement has had on my children’s engagement with school. They see their parents’ interest for the school and that has, I believe in a way, made them care more about what goes on there as well. That has truly been my most favorite aspect of being a part of VAC.  

Impact: What are some other ways that you engage with Impact, and your teacher, and school leaders?

KO: I try to simply make it a point to ask as often as I can, “How can I help?” It is surprising how often a small gesture or fulfilling a seemingly small need can go such a long way for building a good sense of solidarity and feeling of good will. 

Thank you to Kashmir and all of the family VAC members! Your engagement helps to drive Impact forward and ensures our scholars are supported and encouraged to reach for the sky!