Why I Love Impact

By: Alicia Roberts, Impact teacher and parent

Impact’s culture is very unique. In all of my years of experience in the education field, I have not found a place where I can be my natural self while doing what I love to do; that is, until I came to Impact. Our leaders have cultivated such a positive work environment by allowing opportunities for our staff to become connected with one another through  ‘Faculty Circle.’ I have such a strong partnership with my Teaching Fellow and I owe that to the mentorship from our school leaders. Impact leaders have created a culture in which I am able to not only be myself, but also aids me in my growth as an educator. My school leaders make me feel so loved and supported, which from my experience is rare. Baumer, Hutchins, and Eoff are AMAZING!

I am so proud of my scholars and their growth. It is amazing to watch their progress from August to June. Truly, it’s mind-blowing! Scholars have gone from barely knowing their letter sounds to reading, and actually enjoying picking up a book to read to themselves or a peer. It is this community that has contributed to such phenomenal growth of our scholars.

When my son, who is in Transitional Kindergarten at Impact, started on the very first day, he was trembling uncontrollably. He did not want to leave me, let alone be surrounded by adults and other kids he did not know. Although he was extremely nervous, I was confident that he would be just fine. When I picked him up from his first day, he could not stop talking about his day. To this day, he refuses to want to miss a single moment of school. Even during the period his class went through a transition with one of his teachers leaving, that transition was hardly noticed as his teacher and school leaders continued to support the scholars daily. My son loves Impact and has grown so much, not only academically, but socially and emotionally which that is something that he has struggled with before. I know that this is due to the environment that his teachers and leaders have set for the classroom, and for that I am so appreciative.