“Why We Love Impact” – A Parent Conversation

We recently spoke with Impact parent Silvia Tellez who has three scholars attending Impact | Puget Sound Elementary! Read about what Kaylee, Jayden, and Jayson Tellez love most about school and Silvia’s own experience with Impact.

Impact: Silvia, what made you choose Impact Public Schools?

Silvia Tellez: I had heard that Impact was a great school system and was really focused on academics. I was especially interested in Impact’s focus on diversity. We’re a Latino family and it’s nice for my kids to learn about their own culture as well as other cultures.

Impact: Tell us about your scholars!

ST: I have three children and they’re all attending Impact! Kaylee is the oldest in 4th grade. She loves math and science. Right now, she’s getting to do more science experiments, which she says is a lot of fun. Jayden is in 1st grade and he loves math and science as well. And then there’s Jayson who’s in TK (Transitional Kindergarten). Every morning, he wakes up excited to go to school. I like to teach them independence so he helps to get his snacks and lunch ready, and fills his water bottle for the day. When I ask him about school, he says it’s “fun fun.” He especially loves to play with blocks.

My three kids just love this school and their teachers. They’re full of stories about class and how comfortable they feel. They’re definitely in the right place.

Impact: What’s a story about your children’s Impact experience you’d like to share?

ST: My daughter just loves her teachers, Ms. Gabriel and Ms. Terrazas. Every day, they have a “Question of the Day” and Kaylee always tells me about this question and her answer!

Impact: What’s been your own experience with Impact?

ST: As a parent, I love Impact. They really try to make you feel comfortable and like part of a family!

Thank you, Silvia, for speaking with us and sharing you and your scholars’ stories. Impact is nothing without the parents and students who make up our community and enrich us with their experiences, learnings, and joy. #EveryoneGrows