Our “Why” Story – A Family’s Perspective

Our son Carlo is currently enrolled at Impact | Puget Sound Elementary in 2nd grade. Our experience at IPS has been one of quality education with a holistic approach to academics and social-emotional learning. IPS supports children in the community while working to close the opportunity gap for the diverse group of families being served.

One of the areas that I am particularly impressed by is IPS’ dedication to excellence in academic growth while serving a diverse community. They balance bold ambitions with genuine care and respect for the community.

We are so grateful to be part of the Impact community, especially during times like these (COVID-19). Impact Public Schools has worked so hard to provide the best supports to our kids and parents.  

I’m so happy to see all of the work the Impact team does for my son’s education. IPS balances the academics with a culture of joy, values and personalized learning.

We love you Impact Public Schools, thank you for all of your work!