Launching Impact at Home

In this unprecedented time, we are in awe of the unity, solidarity and compassion we see within our Impact community and throughout Washington state. As a parent and educator, I share many of your concerns about the effect of school closures on our own children and the students we serve. 

At Impact Public Schools, we are returning to our core value of Team WA. We created this value because we believe that all of Washington is our team. We are powerful when we work together, so we focus on building relationships based on empathy and strive together towards outstanding outcomes for all public school students in our state. This value matters even more to us today.

In spite of social distancing, we are finding creative ways to stay connected and support one another in educating children at home. Each week, IPS will create and share an “Impact at Home” enewsletter, designed to help parents/guardians of young students keep our kids engaged in meaningful content, including thematic art, science and movement resources and activities. We will also provide parent teaching tips. The content we share will be vetted by our education experts and steeped in learning science. While nothing replaces a full day of rich teaching and learning, we hope it will be a useful tool for parents and educators working together to make the best of a challenging situation.

We are also sharing our six week At-Home Learning Packets for Kindergarten1st grade and 2nd grade that we’ve distributed to our students, in case they can be useful to you as well. 

To opt in to our future “Impact at Home” weekly enewsletters, sign up here, and feel free to share with any other organizations, parents, or educators who might benefit.

We stand with you. We are in this together!