Farm to Table – An Impact Field Trip

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By Laura Kalsbeck | 1st grade teacher at Impact | Salish Sea Elementary

We are curious about food! But before we tuck into that tasty burger or taco, we at Impact wonder: where does our food actually come from? Over the past few weeks, our Impact Kindergarteners have been researching the answer to this question. Last week, they got the opportunity to explore how food gets to the grocery story and where it originally comes from…farms! Our scholars journeyed to Solid Ground farms in Seattle, WA to explore, get their hands dirty, and make a real-life connection to their schoolwork. While at Solid Ground, they took a tour of the farm, fed the chickens, harvested carrots and radishes, and learned about (and sniffed) all the herbs!

After getting the chance to see exactly where food comes from and how it is grown and produced on farms, the scholars followed the process to the grocery store. They learned that the carrots they picked on the farm are then washed, packaged, and sent to grocery stores. At the grocery store, scholars found the carrots on the shelf and other products they have been researching. 

To wrap up all they have learned about farm to table food, scholars will create their very own “How to Grow a Plant” book. In this book, they will take what they learned in class and at the farm and tell the story of how a plant comes to life and turns into the food we eat!

 At Impact, we give scholars the chance to connect real-life experiences to their learning, which allows for a deeper understanding and appreciation. Project-based learning in combination with field trips are critical components of our curriculum. These projects are designed to be affirming of scholars’ identities and directly relevant to their lives as they explore the communities they live in. They also help build their leadership skills and practice activism, so that they can begin influencing their communities, even and especially at this young age!